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Commercial Finance

Want to take your business to a new level? Commercial financing can help entrepreneurs and business owners expand operations and boost business profits. There are many banks and lenders that offer commercial leasing and loans are commonly secured by assets like receivables from invoices, real estate, or equipment. These type of assets serve as collateral, whether you are a well-established company or a small business. Luxe Financial will help you secure the type of commercial financing you need, and assist you every step of the way.

We have access to the full range of commercial and business finance options including Plant & Equipment Finance, Business Loans, Debtor Finance, Rural Land and Commercial Property Finance.

Melissa Charnock and the rest of the team are able to help you balance the different factors you might encounter in your commercial financing. There are many things one should consider; because no two projects are alike. Structuring and sourcing of commercial finance can involve multiple elements that take into account cash-flow, inventory, leasing and debtors. We can help you from working capital requirements to initial funding for a specific business by assessing the right method of financing for each purchase of equipment or materials.

If you are considering commercial financing, we start by sitting down and talking about your financial requirements so we can match your needs with a suitable lender. Our proposal includes assessment of other factors such as current interest rates, possible difficulties, and potential exit strategies—all to give you the best options available for you.

Business owners often make the mistake of only consulting their own bank directly, only to give up when they are declined. Don’t accept what your bank has told you!

These days there are so many different commercial finance options and lenders available out there, that it may be very possible to obtain finance for your business, even if your own bank has already said ‘No’. Even if they have said ‘Yes’, we can provide you with a second opinion on your current commercial finance arrangements to ensure it is the most suitable structure and you are not paying more than you need to!

An independently-owned commercial finance broker is best placed to help you build a finance proposal and assist you in securing the loan through a bank or appropriate lender. Luxe Financial is your trusted commercial finance brokers in Wollongong the Illawarra and Central Coast, capable of giving you a sound financing plan that offers results and solutions aligned with your business goals. Call us today for a consultation.